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Watch dating game episodes

Season 12, Episode 14August 11, 2017In Honshu, Japan, stands one of the country's oldest and holiest Shinto shrines, the Ishi-no-Hoden.Carved from a single rock, it appears to hover over a pool of water and depicts a sky ship of stone that the ancient people witnessed descending from the heavens.Do they really like this show or they just support this show because it is their show. It is like Obama getting elected and getting 90% of the Black vote or O. Simpson getting cheered by the Afro Americans in colleges when he was found not guilty. No it isn't and I don't see Nashville getting this hype like this show does and it shouldn't.Does it have to be about race all the time and not the quality of the show. I get it that they want to support it but getting nominations for awards is ridiculous. Let us realize and understand what great shows are.

There were other great shows who get some publicity but should of gotten way more like the recently departed shows in Dexter, The Bridge, and The Killing.The first Season it took me a few episodes to get into but i don't know.. I can say it i just dont have that OH MY I NEED TO WATCH NEXT WEEKS RIGHT NOW kind of feeling.Do you know the feelings you get as a kid watching your favorite anime or scarface, you start to feel inspired, you feel powerful like you could potentially rule the world if you were in their position.A few great shows received awards recently and was well deserved as True Detective and Fargo and The Affair got some buzz and received a best drama award, but not the roar Empire gets.Some of these shows are gone now but Games Of Thrones is still on to enjoy but what about giving some more accolades and raves to these other great shows.

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