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Unfortunately, it is what it is, and this is the price you will have to pay for working there.Odds are you’ll never have any issues, but just don’t shed light on a specific situation at work. Whether it be in your workplace or outside, never be confrontational with anyone.In a kingdom where “face” means everything, you’ll lose a tremendous amount of it at work, not to mention discrete harassment.Homophobic individuals have a lot of say and can report you to the police. This is one place where there are absolutely no gay rights (and very few others rights).You’ll soon meet plenty of like-minded expats and locals, whether it be at the mall, through online dating, social media, or what not, but just be careful about gathering at gay parties.

Again, remember, there are no gay rights in Saudi Arabia.If they say something insulting (this rarely happens), take it in stride and be kind. It is just not worth losing a job over someone else’s suspicions.An easy way to “get discovered” is to start adding everyone at work and in the kingdom to your Facebook.Many police raids have recently been conducted (especially in Jeddah), and some participants have been jailed or lashed.But don’t strike off Saudi Arabia just yet, there’s better to come, which I’ll discuss later.

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You absolutely cannot–and I mean cannot–discuss your lifestyle at work or amongst friends.

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