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Conditions change quickly, and temperatures are regularly below zero on the Pinnacle. Install the Emergency app on your device, in case you need to provide your location coordinates in an emergency.

Pinnacle Road may be closed at any time of the year due to snow and ice or other severe weather conditions.

They will be a permanent deterrent to speeding on higher risk roads.If you would like to send another message about this vehicle click here or press the button below.Room 1 - JIM BRIDGER Room 2 - MAJOR JOHN O' FERRELL Room 3 - ELIZA SWAIN Room 4 - ESTHER HOBART MORRIS Room 5 - "BIG NOSE" GEORGE PARROTT Room 6 - LAWRENCE WELK Room 7 - HANK THOMPSON Room 8 - LOUIS ARMSTRONG Room 9 - GENERAL JOHN RAWLINS Room 10 - NELLIE TAYLOE ROSS Room 11 - THE EVANS SUITE Room 12 - THE FREMONT SUITE THE MEETING ROOM A cozy floral and blue decorated room with a queen size brass bed that’s perfect for enjoying the Wyoming sunrise and counting one’s many blessings.Do your research before you visit as there is no information centre in the Park.Download maps and publications or collect them from the local Service Tasmania shop. Read about the natural and cultural values of Wellington Park and consider things to do in the Park.

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Free Wi-Fi is now available in the observation shelter at the summit of kunanyi / Mount Wellington.