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1 christian dating

Christians are to suffer with Christ (; 5:1), obedience to the civil authorities is demanded ( f), and the Pauline formula is encountered (; , 14).The frequently advanced proposal that I Pet is literarily dependent on Rom (and Eph) is improbable because the linguistic contacts can be explained on the basis of a common catechetical tradition.In this free christian chat you can discuss many topics, such as: religious chat, bible chat, jesus chat, singles chat, and generally any christian chat you wish.Here we try to run one of the best free christian chat rooms and religious chat room on the internet.Our staff are dedicated to giving you an amazing christian chatting experience.

Direct quotation is limited to two instances (, 2:6), and there the text is rather clearly the LXX ( from Lev 19:2; 2:6 from Isa 40:6-8, though with modifications); additional clear examples of quotation would include Isa 40:6-8 at -25 and Ps -17 (MT Ps 34) at -12, in both instances with modifications.6) Eric Eve writes: "Despite 1 Pet 1:1, the author is unlikely to have been the apostle Peter.The cultured Greek of the epistle makes it perhaps the most literary composition in the NT.The most notable contribution is the doctrine of Christ's descent into Hades, which in its focus upon the resurrection of Christ stands in direct relationship to Peter's emphasis on the resurrection in the early Acts speeches.As an eyewitness of the risen Christ Peter would never forget the profound impression which that stupendous event made upon his mind, and the doctrine of the descent, however obscure it is to modern minds, would surely be more natural as a part of primitive reflection upon the significance of the resurrection than as a later development, or as a peculiar fancy of a pseudonymous author." () Eric Eve writes: "It is not clear that similarities between 1 Peter and, for example, Romans and Ephesians require literary dependence, but at first sight the letter does have a deutero-Pauline feel.

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In addition to quotations, allusions to the OT that contain LXX language occur in such places as 2:3, 7, 9-10, 22-25; ; ; 5:8, indicating that the author was saturated with the language of the Greek Bible. Kmmel writes: "I Pet presupposes the Pauline theology.

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